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Hi there! I am a 54 year old Lung cancer Survivor, a wife of 35 years, a mother to 2 wonderful daughters and grandma to 6 marvelous grandchildren and 1 angel granddaughter. I have worked at the same Community College now for going on 20 years.
The Skydazzler comes from mine and my husbands love of Fireworks and pyrotechnics. It is a family hobby for the past 16 years designing and putting on aerial fireworks displays. Yes, the big shows!
My first love is my husband and my family. My life revolves around them and the fun we have together. We had a scare last September 2005 when I was diagnosed with stage 1B Lung Cancer. We couldn't find much positive information out there on the net about Lung cancer, only bleak information containing very scary statistics. My daughters thought this would be a good way to get positive information out on the Internet about my journey and it became a wonderful way to keep in touch with all my family and friends about my progress and recovery. I am a survivor because of my relationship with the Lord and his healing hands. I have also felt the power of prayer on my behalf and how healing and uplifting that can be. Please read about my journey through lung cancer, my family, fireworks and sometimes just funny thoughts. You know, those daily happenings or things that make you go hmmmm. haha Welcome and enjoy! Remember I love to read your comments and I will respond to your emails! Just ask me!